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Since 1845

Welcome to Travelling Duck

We welcome all to experience the finest duck cuisine. Our casual dining restaurant brings the best of the farm to your table. Our ingredients are imported from Ireland and premium quality duck from London.

When we fly our ingredients frequently, you’ll find only freshness, tastiest food cooked by our most experienced chefs that the city can offer. The food gets points for creativity and deliciousness and comes with exceptional warm hospitality. After all, you are our distinguished guests.

London duck

It’s the Wagyu of ducks

The Travelling Duck specialises in Roasted London Duck. It is our most famous dish. Raised in a properly managed farm and surrounded by clean air and pure lakes in the United Kingdom, our ducks are known for their premium quality.

The meat is out of the world! Other dishes include the chef’s favourite smoked duck, white-cut vegetable country chicken, crispy roasted chicken, a variety of snacks, stir-fried vegetables, noodles and rice.

Each dish is full of colours, fragrances, and flavors, perfectly created and cooked by our chefs. All these match our star menu Roasted London Duck!

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